Latest updates July 2017

I just finished chatting with BFF Trixie over at FB Messenger for a little over an hour. I had to use her as a sounding board and the same with her. She has so many updates of  daily stresses and challenges…but mind you…she was really radiant.

I browsed briefly over our 4 year blogging pursuits to attain our most authentic self. I somehow did not feel discouraged. But, trying to locate a photo of us being both radiant has made me a little bit dejected…among the tons of photos I had of our last vacation back in the Philippines…not one was acceptable for my part.

We actually had 5 photos with us both in it and not one came to the vicinity of pleasant for me…but boy…oh boy…my dear BFF was always radiant..and for that I can be happy.

I am happy and thankful that I have her in my life….that she has reminded me to be positive no matter what the situation is before us.

We have  always the decision  and will to rise above it and choose our path.

And so..with that most uplifting curve or direction, I once again, attempt to attain my fit and fab goals.



May 16,2016 The Journey To Fit n Fab Continues to Forever!

May 16,2016

The clock shows that if I go beyond Cinderella’s curfew…I might really soon turn back into my rags in the morning.


Remember, words are powerful…Use them wisely!

Erase! Erase!

Today, despite the fact that I already slept at almost 4am due to the eagerness to absorb a lot of training ideas regarding the business of Forever Living ProductsI have been toggling back and forth to do or not…be serious or not…to take off from “ I will try” to really decide to be a success in it or not?

Okay…maybe…I need to get some spring cleaning done so as to clear the cobwebs off the roof and corners of my mind.

Misty water colored memories.

I will really have to do a great digging.

I got first exposed to Network Marketing from my BFF Trixie. She simply asked me to tag along her as she went about trying to work out this concept with a single product Filipino company called Issho Genki Phil. Inc with the wonder shark liver oil Squalene.

I got to know some of the early and future key leaders of Joey Bonifacio’s company like Chinkie Tan and BFF Trixie’s direct upline Erickson Raymundo.

I first met them at the early days of Shangril Edsa Mall.

I was doing part time work as a Message Handling Specialist at the leading paging company EasyCall Phil. Inc.

The efficacy of the product was really tested when I had to do graveyard shifts and the lack of sleep was really compensated by the energy boost that Squalene gave me.

Among other things was the cleaning of impurities of my system when I noticed that my urine output was getting clearer and clearer as each day progressed.

Lo and behold one day… I noticed that I expelled something looking ominous.

Whatever it was…I felt relieved that it was out of my system.

Building the business was another story.

I made a lot of mistakes. One of which was not concentrating in the 5 mile radius principle. Sticking to one’s own backyard to maximize exposure within minimum expenses.

I went to the provinces to promote my product and network.

Anyway, the Asian financial crisis affected the company so badly that it somehow had to shut down it’s distributors by putting the product on shelves of the leading pharmacy in the Philippines, Mercury Drug chain.

Somehow, I emerged from the confusion and rubble of it all with a jaded concept of the beautiful marketing concept of Multi-Level Marketing and the shadow of it being a scam could not be shaken off.

My BFF Trixie somehow emerged as a star.

I will never forget her powerful testimony in the biggest ballroom of Makati Shangrila. She literally brought the house down!

This was post her HongKong incentive trip from the company.

I will continue this trip down memory lane tomorrow when I share my exposure to how to got to know Forever Living Products here in Doha, Qatar.

October 25,2015

I was able to chat with BFF Trixie last Thursday via FB. Skype and Viber were not available. Anyway, I was able to convey my apologies to her just in case I have offended her in anyway.

I was missing her so much. I only saw her once in the 2 month vacation we just had in the Philippines.

She was so busy with her life that we were not able to meet up again.

Anyway, I am happy that I was able to see her just the same. I was for the first time beginning to wonder if I had hurt her in anyway that was why she could not find the time to see me.

I pray that all her plans will be blessed and reap success.

I hope too that she can join me soon in our blogging pursuits to gain back fitness and fabness into our lives.

Coincidentally, I have another order/sale for Forever Living Product Clean 9 Detox regimen.

It is a reminder for me to get back on tract to fitness as I am not a good  example of success.

The vacation almost helped me achieve a no rice regimen. My sister was seeing ( although she kept it to herself till recently) that I was showing signs of  shedding some fat.

In fact, the orange polo shirt ( which I actually grabbed from hubby)  was worn already with the buttons on. I usually wear it like a soft jacket unbuttoned with an inner shirt ( preferably black) inside.

Getting back to the land of sands for almost 3 weeks now, has seen me gobbling up rice as if there was no more tomorrow.


But, let me try to focus on the positive…

I am reading the book by Chantel Hobbs on Love Food and Live Well.

I am hoping to re-reading this book and referencing it as I try to do the following:

  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Drink 10-12 glasses of water daily.
  3. Saying no to Coke.
  4. Saying yes to measured rice intake, again!
  5. Keeping a food  and exercise diary

The spiritual aspect Chantel injects in her encouragement..offers a very refreshing slant and  is just what I need to really see this through.

In the mighty name of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Through Mary and Jospeh.

Yes…I am going to do this!

August 5,2015

August 5,2015

I woke up feeling weird.
The numbness in my left hand is quite bothersome already.
This has been so since 4am.
Well, this looming deadline is making me stressed.
Exposing myself to triggers made me lose my resolve again.
Last night saw the girls and I devouring Sbarro’s pepperoni pizza and Baskin and Robins cotton candy and choco mint chip ice cream. The QRS35 tub.
We were giddy and feeling so cold as we spooned the last scoops with delight and remorse ( on my part.)…I dunno if my sentimentality of sharing a moment with my kiddos will give them a bad example for their future.
Well, today, instead of wallowing in pity and regret, I shall recall all my past attempts to get to fit and fab by providing links here.
Hopefully, the inspiration will give me the true and most charitable ( to self and others) determination to take care of my body more.

By the grace of our good Lord and through Mother Mary’s aid and intercession, I will be DETERMINED, DISCIPLINED AND DEDICATED to eat in moderation, exercise regularly and avoid emotional eating.
God is good!

August 3,2015 Here I Go Again!

August 3,2015

Today is my niece’s 30th birthday.

My oh my, how time flies.

Here I am, well almost into my 46th birthday next month…and I am still sporting a girth that is equal to my age.

So scary!


Yesterday, saw me delivering a very good Forever Living Products Clean 9 detox regimen to my 2nd client.

I had to overcome my initial reaction to hide and not show up and ask my mentors to do it for me.

I braved it!

I may not have aced it…but, I still pat myself on the shoulder for showing up.

I know, I should be the product of the product.

I take comfort, not excuse, in the fact that a binge eater or yoyo dieter like me, cannot soley rely on weight loss products to do the trick. It can simply jump start the habit. But, you got to run the race the whole 50k until you reach your finish line in terms of goals/targets.

I have to develop the habit of sealing my trap after I have eaten a fist full portion slowly 5x/day with more fruits and veggies.

Do away with carbo packed delicacies and soda.

Do my 15-20 minute exercise/day.

Handle my emotions positively.

Give myself the apologies I never got.

Forgive more.

Love myself more by avoiding the triggers that can make me overeat.

Enlist good Lady, Undoer of Knots, aid and intercession.

Update For Yesterday

The note making was a success!

I put small colored papers clipped with the pen near my busy work area- the kitchen.

And so, I was able to record my food and water intake more regularly with more accuracy.

Here is what i wrote:

May 19:

10am, friend eggs ( 2 match box sizes) with 1.5  white bread loaf  slice with light butter

2 glasses of water

2pm, 2 glasses of water

4pm, 2 small pieces Soy Chicken with carrots strips

1 small Bangus head ( in soupy vinegar)

2 tablespoons of white Basmati rice

2 glassses of water

2 small red apple for dessert

5pm, 2 small squares of Baklava

7pm, 2 handful of DingDong Mixed peanuts and Boy Bawang Adobo flavor

8pm, 3 matchbox sizes of fish fillet

2 tablespoons of rice

4 small squares of Galaxy chocolate ( 68×4 calories)

2 glasses of water

10pm, 2 glasses of water


Very good job! Pat on the shoulders!




Fit and Fab VLOG#3


This is Angelli for my VLOG#3.

It is almost 10am  of May 19,2014.

As per my last update, I promised myself to measure my food portions, but I have failed.

It started with last  Thursday ‘s pre -weekend spaghetti that I cooked and was a raving hit with everyone. I helped myself with portions of portions beyond a fist full size.

Yesterday, I had several pops of Malteese at lunch as dessert and also for last night, this newly discovered  heavenly  chocolate bar called Galaxy.  Although the bite servings is only around 70 calories…multiply that by 8, I got a whopping 560 calories.

Making a mental note to do  researc on how much worth of exercise is needed to burn that.

Today, I am going to put post it paper and stick a pen in my DETERMINED, DISCIPLINED & DEDICATED memo board so I can write down the food intake right away.

I find excuses of not doing it at once.

So today is another day and  I reaffirm my resolve to be more calculated and measured with my food portions and include exercise in my goals for today.

Marina, my 11 year old and I will do a BANANA MASK treatment today to exfoliate our face and I will soak overnight several Okra pods ( is that what I should be calling it?) or pieces of it in water, then drink it tomorrow. My first juicing habit.

I hear it is a good anti diabetic remedy.

That is all for today’s updates.

God bless and YES, just like ERNESTINE SHEPHERD, my Guiness Record Holder inspiration, I am DETERMINED, DISCIPLINED AND DEDICATED to becoming FIT AND FAB soon.